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half-human and half-demon Vampire
Land of Ooo
Finn, Jake

Marceline is a 1000 year old Vampire-Queen. She likes to startle people just for fun and Finn finds out at some point in their adventures, that Marceline actually is quite a nice Vampire. Her father is Hunson Abadeer, the lord of the Nightosphere. The Ice King and her also have a complicated relationship. She once lived with him, after the Mushroom War.

In Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion[edit | edit source]

In the game, Marceline can be met the first time in the Candy Kingdom, where she is sitting under a tree and hiding from the sun, because someone had thrown away her big floppy hat. She recently was together with Princess Bubblegum, but had to watch getting the princess abducted. When Finn and Jake return Marceline's hat, she will join the party.

Marceline's Abilities[edit | edit source]

Marceline has the Flaming Axe ability, which increases the damage dealt for flaming axe attacks. She also can make use of Pyro Slash, which deals flame damage to enemies, with a chance of overheating. There is a menu named "Vampire Stuff", which hides all of her vampire attacks. Another of Marceline's attacks is Razor Claws.

When using her ultimate abilty, she can transform into a werewolf.

Flaming Axe actions:

Super Hot Riff
Pyro Slash

Razor Claws:

Double Claw
Full Moon Combo